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What if motivation just isn’t enough to help you succeed? Then what do you do? If you’ve ever been as young as I have then you’ve probably been taught multiple times that motivation is enough to help you get ahead in life. If you want it hard enough then it’s going to happen. That just isn’t the case. Motivation just isn’t enough to help you create the life you want. There’s so much more to success and I’m going to break it all down for you.

“Willpower is the key to success. Successful people strive no matter what they feel by applying their will to overcome apathy, doubt or fear.”— Dan Millman

What If Motivation Just Isn't Enough


What If Motivation Just Isn’t Enough To Help You Succeed?

Motivation can be a tricky thing to get a hold on. Many people spend their entire lives searching for the motivation to chase their dreams but never find it.

They read books, listen to podcasts and can’t figure out what sets successful people apart from everyone else. The truth is that successful do not solely rely on inspiration to attend meetings, network at boring parties and work long hours.

Sure, there are times when you feel this burst of inspiration, so you spend an entire day or even a week working non-stop because you’re in the zone.


But what happens on the days when you can barely get out of bed?


What does one do when there is no motivation or motivation just isn’t enough to get you into that office?

For two weeks I was on a hiatus from my blog, social media and from my online life in general. I had little to no motivation to log unto my computer and there was no drive to get anything done.

I was hurt because, like me, we’ve been misinformed. We’re often fed this idea that all you need to keep you going in life is motivation. But if all we rely on is motivation then when we get tired, or our dreams take too long to materialize we will stop working.


What If Motivation Just Isn't Enough



Last year I felt uncomfortable in my own skin so on a whim I decided to go on a diet.

Ice cream, bread and sweets, in general, would be cut from my diet and I would eat vegetables until I felt thin again. In my phone, I kept a photo of a celebrity for daily motivation.

Monday came around and I had one slice of bread but I swore I would cut it out as of “tomorrow”. The thing is that “tomorrow” never came. Slowly, the desire to eat better disappeared and I went back to my bad habits.


Motivation gets you going but discipline keeps you growing.


Fast forward to two months ago, I enrolled in an online clean eating challenge. The challenge was to give up meat for 40 days, drink a litre of water a day and exercise for at least 5 minutes per day.

This time, I made a conscious decision to stick to the challenge. In the beginning, I craved meat a lot because eating it had become a habit. Yet I persisted.


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In the end, I completed the challenge because I took control of my actions each day to ensure I did what was necessary.

Discipline is being able to force yourself to do something over and over until it becomes part of who you are.

I’m here to tell you that when motivation can’t be found, discipline is what you need to keep pushing yourself forward.


It takes discipline to call those twenty clients you have when you just don’t want to.


That’s also what keeps you studying for those exams until three AM every night while the rest of your friends are out partying.

Discipline really drives you to do the work you don’t enjoy doing. It helps you conquer fear and keeps you moving forward when curiosity, excitement and motivation all disappear.


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Yesterday I spent my time walking through a beautiful garden in Okayama and listening to the Mindvalley podcast. (It’s awesome and you should subscribe).

The guest speaker was Dave Asprey and he spoke about how to program your willpower so you can get things done now. He reminded me that I have a powerful mark to make on this world, we all do. And we just can’t wait for inspiration to start making that mark.

We need to reprogram our mindset so that we can then go ahead and change the world. Our mindset is directly tied to our ability to succeed because our mindset, whether it’s limiting or not, affects our actions and our life.

This was something I struggled with as a teenager growing up. Self-discipline begins with the programming of our thoughts. If you’re unable to control what you think then you won’t be able to take control of what you do. That’s where we tend to fall short.


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What If Motivation Just Isn't Enough |



If you want to be able to get anything done, you need a solid balance between the two concepts. Wanting to do something is motivation. Not wanting to, but doing it nonetheless, is discipline.

We can’t always choose if we’re motivated to do anything but we can always choose to be disciplined. Our dreams and goals are too precious to run the risk of not accomplishing them.

Discipline is the bridge that lies between your goals and achievements.

Choose today if you want to cross that bridge.

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I want to hear your opinion. What do you do when you lack motivation? 

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All my love,

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