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This is the best mindset advice you will ever get for free.” Are you tired of doing everything you possibly can for your business yet seeing absolutely no growth?

Frustrating isn’t it? What if I told you that the reason your business isn’t growing is that you’re missing one very key ingredient? The right mindset.

Your mindset is actually the most valuable asset to have in your business and this post will give you the best mindset advice you’ll ever get for free. So grab a pen and take some notes because I’m about to blow your mind!

“Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs: the future can be better than the present, and I have the power to make it so.”


The Only Mindset Advice You Actually Need


This Is The Best Mindset Advice You'll Ever Get For Free (3)


How important is mindset to success?

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that the way you think completely affects your success.

As an entrepreneur, if you don’t know how to keep moving forward, getting up when you fall or fight through difficult times, you will have an extremely difficult, if not impossible shot at succeeding.

The thoughts and beliefs (mindset) you have about yourself directly affects the way you lead, speak and act.

Your mindset also affects your ability to consistently show up for yourself and show up in your business.


What is the best mindset to have?

Having a mindset of growth, confidence and success is what separates Marie Forleo and Marshawn Evans Daniels from the rest. Though at first glance they may look like completely separate ways of thinking, they actually gel together quite nicely.

A confidence mindset allows you to consistently take action and push through your fears so you can crush your goals. With a growth mindset, you believe that your potential for greatness is limitless and that every day you have the opportunity to learn, grow and increase your knowledge and competence.

Both of these ways of thinking lead to a success mindset in which you’re able to see things through to the end knowing that you have the skills and ability to make things happen.

You’ve probably heard the saying that by believing you can, you’re already halfway there and that’s true. Nothing overshadows a business more than low, pessimistic beliefs that feel like a cloud hanging over your business.

Embracing the confidence, growth and success mindsets ensures that even if negative thoughts seep through the cracks, they never say long. If you come upon an obstacle that seems impossible to overcome, you’re willing to invest in the training, coaching and course you need to move past it.

For some reason, if you ended up making mistakes and failing in some area of your business, having the right mindset enables you to brush yourself off tighten those bootstraps and keep running the race.


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How do I develop the right mindset for success?


1 Expand your thinking

Have you ever watched Rogers And Hammerstein’s Cinderella? It was one of my favourite musicals growing up apart from the Sound Of Music. Watching Brandy and Whitney Houston belt out the words to the song “Impossible” inspired me to dream big and to think even bigger.

Developing the right mindset for success means you have to think yourself bigger. Instead of saying that something is impossible, eliminate that word from your vocabulary completely.

One of my grand visions for my life is reaching hundreds of millions of women all over the world and you best believe it is going to happen.

If you were to tell me right now that this dream was impossible, I’d simply smile and say “I’m possible”. You cannot live big and win big if you can’t even imagine yourself in that position. 

All the success you want starts in your head.


2 See yourself through the eyes of your future self

A few months ago I did two very powerful visualizations. These fifteen-minute visualizations allowed me to have conversations with my future self.

It might sound a bit crazy but stick with me for a minute. In these vivid sessions, I used the power of my imagination to create moments in my mind where I had the chance to sit and talk with future me.

At times, future me would be on her way to a book signing and had just a few moments to chat. While other times my future self would be bringing her daughter with her to a speaking engagement while her husband spent time with their son.

These conversations play like a movie in my mind even as I write this.

Imagine what it would be like to meet your future business self. How does she act? What are her decision-making strategies? And what exactly would she want you to do today that will propel you forward?

It’s important to see yourself as you will be one day, to help you to make the best decisions you can in the present.


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3 Change the way you see failure

Failures can be devastating as an entrepreneur because of all the time, energy and resources we invest. The thing is that failing is essentially part of our journey to success.

If you haven’t failed at anything in your life you’ve probably lived a very safe, uneventful life. Looking at failure as some kind of horrible jail sentence is the reason so many of us as entrepreneurs are unable to do amazing feats in our businesses.

But is failure really just that, or is it a lesson, even a blessing in disguise?

Someone once wrote that he hadn’t failed 10,000 times, he’d merely learned 10,000 ways not to do something. And you know what? He’s right.

Change your perspective about failing and you’ll completely transform your entire operation. Along the way, as I’ve built my business, I’ve made tons and tons of errors and looking back, I’m glad I did.

Every mistake taught me how to pick myself up, brush myself off and try again. Plus the one thing I tell my clients is that no matter how many times you fail, it’ll be alright in the end.

If it’s not alright, then it’s not the end.


4 Confidently take action

Do you know what the true meaning of confidence is? It’s the ability (or skill) to consistently take action even when you are afraid because you believe that you can do it.

When you learn how to act and move in spite of your fears you become an unstoppable force. For years I’ve followed a number of successful female entrepreneurs, but the woman I most admire is Lisa Nichols.

She built a thriving business even though she was terrified. Everything in her body told her not to do it, every inch was afraid to make the first move, but she did it anyway.

You can choose to let fear rule your life and old you back, or you can choose to move regardless. Confidently take action means getting up on that stage, in front of all those people and singing your heart out knowing that they might hate you.

It means investing that money to see that coach because you know you’ll get results and you know, more importantly, that you are worth the investment.

A mindset of fear will never lead you to success.


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5 Include the word “yet” in your vocabulary

How many times do you tell yourself that you can’t write a great proposal? Or that you don’t know how to land mutually beneficial partnerships?

Do you understand the impact your words have on your subconscious mind? When you tell yourself that “I can’t” or “I just don’t know how”, you limit your potential.

In fact, you limit your ability to learn the very skill you complain of not being able to do. Making the small adjustment of adding the word “yet” to your vocabulary will make all the difference.

Adding the word “yet” to your vocabulary tells your brain that though you might not know something now, there is still a potential for learning and growth.

When talking to yourself, instead of saying “I don’t know how to market my business successfully”, say “I don’t yet know how to market my business successfully”. The truth is there is still a possibility of learning. There is always a way to improve your knowledge on any subject.

Our brains are powerful and the potential for increasing competence is limitless.


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Think positive thoughts as you dream big

Normally, I end my posts with a few final thoughts. This time I’m leaving you with a challenge. For the next 60 days, I challenge you to think positive thoughts about your business as you dream big.

Only use positive words when talking about yourself as an entrepreneur. Practice positive, uplifting affirmations. Always believe that you will succeed in the end.

And the only words to exit your mouth should be those that make you feel strong, happy and fully aware of who you are and what you want out of your business.


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this is the best mindset advice you will get for free that will uplevel your business
this is the best mindset advice you'll ever get for free
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This Is The Best Mindset Advice You'll Ever Get For Free (1) (1)
This Is The Best Mindset Advice You'll Ever Get For Free (2) (1)
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