Why Choose daeyna.com?

Here are some great things my clients had to say!

 Jodi R / Management Accountant 


I went from petrified of leaving my family to living and working in another country! It might sound silly but the boost in my confidence was everything! Thanks Daeyna. Your assignments forced me to look into parts of myself I never wanted to touch. It was tough love at times but I’m forever grateful.

 Susan W / Real Estate Agent 


For years I stayed in a job that did me no good. I was stuck, frustrated and tired of being overlooked for promotions I was clearly qualified for. Plus my self-esteem took a huge dive after my pregnancy. I signed up for five sessions with Daeyna and it changed my life. I was skeptical at first but as I write this I’m in my office overlooking the city in a new job I love. Her methods work and every tear I shed was worth it!

 Delese F / EFL Teacher 


Since I was ten years old, I struggled with low self-esteem after being told by my mom that I was a one night stand “mistake”. I ate my way through my troubles and gained a lot of weight, pushing me further down the wrong path. I found Daeyna through her blog and downloaded her workbook. It helped me so much I signed up for ten sessions with her and they’ve made such a huge difference in my life. I’ve since lost ten kilos and have been strutting all over the place. I’m constantly embarrassing my husband… but he’ll live.

 Andrea W / Natural Juice Specialist 


All I can say is if you’ve been bombing every job interview you’ve ever been on and can’t figure out what you’re doing wrong, Daeyna can help you. If you’ve been selling yourself short for too dang long, Daeyna can help you. Point is, Daeyna will help you. I thought her methodology was crap til I did the exercises, took the challenges and spoke to her. Now I’m singing a different tune, lol. Plus my new line of naturally prepared juices have been selling out online. She’s the real deal and so down to earth it’s crazy.

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