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The idea of starting an online business was terrifying at first. I was new to the online business world and had little to no idea how things were actually done. It was always a passion of mine to help women everywhere transform their lives so the idea of an online business fit perfectly.

There were some “huge” obstacles in my way, though. I had zero confidence that I could pull the whole thing off. Since then, I’ve learned a lot, grown so much and met a few amazing female entrepreneurs along the way.

Today I’m sharing an incredible interview with two of the most amazing #bossladies I know. Not only have they managed to build a successful business, but they also managed to nurture thousands of raging fans in their online community Boss Beauties.

In sharing this interview with you I hope to help you learn how to gain confidence as you build your very own wildly successful businesses.

“Always aim high, work hard, and care deeply about what you believe in. And, when you stumble, keep faith. And, when you’re knocked down, get right back up and never listen to anyone who says you can’t or shouldn’t go on.”


How To Gain Confidence When Starting A Business


Successful Female Entrepreneurs Share How To Gain Confidence When Starting A Business (1)


1 Please tell us in one to two sentences what it is that you offer to the world.

Natasha: We help women become visible and stand out from their peers by harnessing the power of social media; creating a profitable business they can both love and be proud of.

Lisa: We help women become visible to their target audience and stand out on social media by using time-tested principles and the latest strategies to create a long-lasting, sustainable business.


2 You’ve built your business from the ground up. What was that journey like for you?

Natasha: It has been a lot of trial and error, finding what works and what doesn’t work. There have been tons of wins and some disappointment, but each step has been an important component towards creating the success that we now have.

I wouldn’t trade this journey we’ve been on for anything in the world.

Lisa: We really are in non-stop action. We started before we were ready, and we win, we lose, we learn and no matter what, we still keep moving forward.

Every mistake we’ve made along the way is taken as a learning and growing experience to help us and others do things better and to become stronger, more powerful entrepreneurs.


3 As women, what made you decide to start this business? And what exactly is your background?

Natasha: I believe that I’ve been an entrepreneur ever since I was a little girl. It’s basically in my blood! I was that kid who had the lemonade stand and was always coming up with new and exciting ways to create new sources of income.

Lisa: To be honest, it was started out of both frustration and inspiration. I had been a Dental Hygienist for 15 years and it was just not fulfilling, physically demanding and I had no opportunity for growth. My husband had his own successful business and it was seeing him that really inspired me to want to do something of my own.


4 Can you describe a time your limiting beliefs held you back from starting your business?

Natasha: Oh yes! For many years I did the whole “ I will figure this out on my own using all of the free content I could find” mindset and I honestly believed it would work.

Instead, though, I ended up spinning my wheels. My limiting belief that I couldn’t afford to spend money on some unknown venture, and hire a coach or pay for mentorship really held me back.

It wasn’t until I changed that limiting belief and decided to invest in myself that everything started changing.

Lisa: There were so many limiting beliefs along the way but the biggest one was my secret fear of failing. I was not only afraid of failing but also what other people would think if I failed, especially my husband.


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5 Were you always the confident person we see today or have you suffered from low self-esteem/ confidence issues in the past?

Natasha: Oh goodness! Yes, I was so insecure! Even today those insecurities still pop up every now and then. The difference now, though, is my perspective and belief that everything will always work out for me has strengthened. I also now know that I am a person of value and worth.

Learning how to love me exactly as I am, has completely changed the game.

Lisa: Not at all, I have gone from one self-confidence extreme to the other. What destroyed my confidence is not keeping my word to myself, and not following through on the tasks and goals I set for myself.

Consistently giving up and quitting halfway through also tore through my self-esteem.

What restored my confidence was taking constant action, keeping my promises to myself, stepping out of comfort zone and doing the very things I was afraid to do.


6 How did a lack of self-confidence affect your business’s growth?

Natasha: It kept me from saying yes to myself and taking any steps that I needed to move forward and take our business to the next level.

Lisa: This was a huge one. Having a limiting mindset and lacking confidence kept me from taking action on the things I really wanted to and needed to.

Every time I made a bold step, did something that made me incredibly uncomfortable and stretched me, it built my confidence and helped build our business.


7 Have you ever compared yourself to other, more successful entrepreneurs? How did that make you feel and what did you do to get passed this?

Natasha: Yes, I have. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, depending on who I compare myself to. I have learned to instead compare myself to myself. Am I continuously growing and expanding? Have I become better than I was yesterday? That is now my true measurement for success.

Lisa: Yes of course I did, and all that did was make me feel bad about myself and my abilities. Getting past that was a matter of ignoring what others were doing, and to keep myself so busy with what I was doing that I didn’t have the time to compare.

Also, I had to realize that we all have different backgrounds, and we are all at differing stages in the femtrepreneur game. We also never know someone’s history, their struggles, their experiences or what has brought them to where they are today.

We all have a journey to complete and the only way to get there is to keep your eyes on your own path and keep moving forward.


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8 Describe one instance when you failed and what you learned from that experience.

Natasha: Every failure has been a fabulous gift. I always reflect and look at what has been working, what didn’t work and ask myself “How Do I improve?”. I am not afraid to fail because if I am not failing then I’m not trying.

Life is a journey filled with experiences. Every path we take and every move we make along those paths is slowly guiding us to beautiful destinations. It’s ALL good in the end.

Lisa: I started a health coaching business, rented a space, invested a lot of money into supplements to sell and equipment, and it was a big failure. Realizing that I had to go through these experiences got me to where I am today and helped me to understand that each door that closed opened a newer door, a better door.

This experience also taught me to listen to my gut, to my intuition because looking back I really didn’t want to do that business, my heart wasn’t in the right place, I wasn’t really excited to do it.

You have to be fully invested in something heart and soul and be 100% committed. If you’re only kind of interested, or you just want to “try something new”, you won’t see the results. Staying committed and working diligently is the way to go.


You never lose in business, either you win or you learn. Click To Tweet


9 How do you feel about yourself and your business today?

Natasha: Personally, I am full of gratitude and joy. As for my business, I feel the same way I feel exactly the same way – full of gratitude and joy. Of course, I want more in both, because if I didn’t then I might as well be dead, right?

Life to me is about living, experiencing, expansion and growth… always.

Lisa: I feel excited about the future and proud to see just how far we have come. It is amazing to take the time to look back at all you have accomplished, the lessons, the wins and the losses, so you can reinforce the vision of where you are going.

I feel blessed at all the lives we have impacted, all the amazing relationships we have made and all the awesome women we have had the pleasure of working with.


10 Is there anything that you would change about yourself today? If so, what is it?

Natasha: If I could change anything it would be to become more efficient with my time.

Lisa: Hmm deep question! I wouldn’t change anything about myself because it has taken me almost 40 years to realize God made me exactly who I was meant to be and to love and accept all of me!

That in itself has been a journey of ups, downs, rock bottoms and amazing mountain-top views! Every experience, every thought, and every decision has brought me to where I am and I am so grateful!!

Of course, there are always areas where we can grow and improve, so I would say working towards being bolder and braver me!


Here’s a great chance to offer some advice to my readers. Please answer the following questions with as much detail as possible.


How can I work to build up my self-confidence when I am afraid?

Natasha: Fear is a limiting belief, a form of self-sabotage and ultimately a habit we have learned. It is not a trait that we were born with. Creating new habits and building our self-esteem by doing the things we set our mind to do and rewiring our brain to think differently is key.

Taking the time to quiet my mind and meditate daily is how I do this. Writing daily in my gratitude journal, visualizing the life I want and who I want to be, engaging in positive self-talk and doing daily affirmations also helps.

Most importantly, I surround myself with people who inspire me to be a better person.

Lisa: Learn more and building competence. Often times lacking the necessary knowledge and skills makes you feel less confident in what you are doing.

Keep learning, and keep filling your mind with positivity. Your mindset is everything so fill it every day by reading, listening to podcasts and doing anything that fills your cup. Be sure to surround yourself with the right people.

Know that being afraid is normal. I love Mel Robbins rule 5-second rule because this helps me to get out of my head and do the things I’m most afraid to.

The more you spend thinking about what you’re going to do, the less likely you are to do it. Acting while afraid is the only way to learn, progress and grow. It’s all part of the process.

Consistently take action, and keep pushing. We all have to start somewhere.


What is the key to your confidence?

Natasha: Self-love. My confidence is something that I found once I began to truly love myself for who I am, without judgement.

Once I began to change my perspective of who I was, I started believing in my own brilliance, embracing the gifts I had been given, believing in the unlimited potential that I have, as we ALL do, and finding my own personal power.

When I realized that my purpose is to serve others and that what I have to offer, someone needs, I began to develop an inner confidence that continues to grow daily.

It all began with self-love, and self-acceptance, which in turn blossomed into a true love for others.

Lisa: Taking action and surrounding myself with like-minded people, avoiding people who gossip and who are negative really is the key to the confidence mindset. Listening to something positive and empowering every day also helps to keep your mindset in the right place.

My favourite source of inspiration is Joel Osteen, I listen to him every day in my car.


Ultimately, how do I overcome my fear of failure?

Natasha: By facing it and walking through it. I tell myself that this seemingly fearful situation or thought is not reality, that I can change any thought at any moment. For me overcoming failure is a matter of choice.

Lisa: Realize that is apart of the journey and welcome it because it means you are trying; you are taking action. The only way to avoid rejection and failure is to do nothing at all.


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How do I bounce back after rejection or failure?

Natasha: I grieve for a moment or two, acknowledging my disappointments then I bless the situation and release it.

Lisa: Evaluate your mistakes, see what didn’t work and what you can change or improve upon, and if needed, seek guidance from a coach, or mentor or enrol in an online course to help you and take action


How do I develop healthy self-confidence as an entrepreneur if I’ve never had any good role models in my life?

Natasha: This is a good one! I did not have those good role models growing up. I had to literally go through difficult life experiences to become the woman who I am today.

BUT, I wouldn’t change any part of my experience for the world! I love the person I have become and who I am growing into. It is through perseverance that I have developed the confidence I have today.

Lisa: Find the role models, whether it is a mastermind group, a Facebook group, a coaching group, or a mentor. Be proactive and find people who are more successful than you are right now so you can learn from them.


Bonus: What is the number one critical piece of advice you would give to anyone suffering from severe self-esteem issues right now?

Natasha: Take time to nurture yourself and create the love for yourself that you are looking for. Everything we are looking for can be found within, so learning to go within is key.

Start a meditation practice, quieting the mind and open up your heart to loving all of you, the good and the bad; own it all. Find affirmations that lift your soul and start the practice of “I AM” statements, that are all followed by who you desire to be.

Decide to be that person now and know that you are worthy and deserving of love, joy and happiness.

Lisa: Surround yourself with the right people, people who are working towards the same things as you, who are further along than you, people who believe in you, who cheer you on!


Confidence has no competition

As women, we might believe that having a thriving, successful business is just a little bit out of our reach. The women of Boss Beauties have shown us that it is incredibly possible. Building your confidence and self-esteem as you build your business is important for success.

Truly confident women entrepreneurs believe that they are capable of doing the stuff that other people think is too hard. She is capable of persevering through the tough times that new entrepreneurs experience and will always bet on herself.

To learn more about Natasha and Lisa, head over to their website and learn how to expand your reach using the power of social media!


What does a confident entrepreneur look like for you? 


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Successful Female Entrepreneurs Share How To Gain Confidence When Starting A Business (1)
Successful Female Entrepreneurs Share How To Gain Confidence When Starting A Business
Successful Female Entrepreneurs Share How To Gain Confidence When Starting A Business (2)
Successful Female Entrepreneurs Share How To Gain Confidence When Starting A Business (3)
Successful Female Entrepreneurs Share How To Gain Confidence When Starting A Business (4)
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