Have you been struggling to follow through on the goals you’ve set for yourself? If I were to poll you, how easy would you say it is to follow through and actually achieve them? Do you find it super easy to stay motivated until the end? Or do you realize that sometimes (or most times) you start off strong then end up lagging somewhere along the way? The truth is that it happens to the best of us because not many know how to do it. In this post, learn the secret they never tell you about following through on (all of) your personal and business goals.

“If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy and inspires your hopes.”


Follow Through On All Of Your Goals


How To Achieve Your Goals. How To Follow Through On Your Goals


Why do we set goals?

From a very young age, whether we wanted to be entrepreneurs or not, we were told that setting goals is important.

We’re taught that if we don’t set goals we’ll never get anywhere. So every year on New Year’s Eve, we get out some paper and we make a list of all the goals (or resolutions) we have for the upcoming year.

But why do we do this? What is the point of setting goals for ourselves?

To put it simply, goals give us some form of long-term vision for our business (and our lives) even if we aren’t quite sure we’ll get there. The reality of not setting goals is that you end up going all over the place but never really getting to a destination.

It’s as if you become a mindless drone who just sleepwalks through life waiting for the next thing to happen to you.


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What causes our goals to fail?

It is very easy to write a goal down and promise yourself that it’s going to be accomplished. What we fail to realize in doing so is that making note of your goal is an awesome first step, but it’s only a first step.

A few years back, I set a bold goal of getting to 10,000 Facebook page likes by the end of that year. This goal seemed perfect at the time.

So I dove right in and decided to go for it. After a few months, things just weren’t lining up for me so I abandoned the entire project. What caused my goal to fail?

It failed because the price for accomplishing this business goal was very high and I just wasn’t willing and ready to pay it.

This part catches most of us off guard.

We just aren’t ready to put in the time, effort and the investment needed to succeed. Maybe the goals you have set require you to spend an additional hour at your laptop but you can’t do that because that’s when Game Of Thrones is on and you just can’t miss that!

How often do we allow our goals and plans to become secondary to other seemingly more important things in life?

I will state here that I am not asking you to sacrifice yourself or your family relationships because you can make time for both your business and your personal life.

It’s all a matter of balance.


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So how exactly do you follow through on your goals? What’s the big secret?

The secret to following through on your business (and personal) goals is uncovering your key motivators.

This sounds like a simple concept but lemme explain. Studies show that there are in-fact key motivators that, when tapped into, inspires and pushes people to do incredible feats.

I’ve spoken about this before when talking about finding and understanding your “WHY” or big enough reason. At the base of every goal we set, there is a reason.

What ultimately makes the difference, in whether or not we see our goals through to fruition is, is that reason big enough? Does that reason keep you up at nights?

Is it infused into every fibre of your being?

Because 8.8 times out of 10, if your big why isn’t big enough your motivation will face fast, and when that fades there will be nothing to push you to stick with it.

Imagine for a minute that your mom died and left you and your siblings homeless. You have no other family or friends to call on, so you, as the oldest sibling, must provide for everyone.

In your heart of hearts you understand that if you don’t do something, all of you might end up starving or freezing to death in the cold (I’m thinking worst-case scenario). So you go out there and though you are young you find a way.

Taking on part-time jobs, begging on the street or finding food and clothing at shelters is a part of the journey because you know what you want and you know you have to get there.

Even when it gets cold or you’re tired and worn out you keep going because you want to see a smile on your siblings’ faces and you want to make them happy.

Hidden in all of us is a very big “WHY”. Though your story may not be as sad as this, there is still a pretty good reason you set the goals you do.

So it’s just up to find that big why because it is very much there.


So, what is your big “WHY”?


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How To Achieve Your Goals. How To Follow Through On Your Goals (1)
How To Achieve Your Goals. How To Follow Through On Your Goals (2) (1)
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