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Did you know that the mindset you have has a direct and profound impact on your success? It’s true! If there is even the slightest bit of truth to this, wouldn’t it make sense to change your business by changing what you believe and the reason you believe these things? It would!

Shifting to a growth mindset directly influences the actions you take, the decisions you make and how far you’re willing to stretch yourself in your business.

It will literally skyrocket your business! Learn why having a growth mindset is critical to your success as an entrepreneur and two crucial steps to take in changing the way you think.

“It’s not about being the best. It’s about being better than you were yesterday.”


Shift To A Growth Mindset


Shift To A Growth Mindset To Take Your Business To The Next Level


What is a growth mindset?

As human beings, we are all born with some variation of a fixed or growth mindset. Having a fixed mindset in business means that you believe no matter how many courses you take, or how many mentors you hire, you will never grow in your business.

You’ll never be capable of learning the marketing skills you need, you’ll never attract the clients you want and you’ll forever be stuck exactly where you are.

Unfortunately, many of us as female entrepreneurs on this business journey, have this kind of fixed mindset and wonder why we aren’t getting anywhere.

In contrast, when we have a growth mindset as entrepreneurs, we believe that our skills can be developed and our talents can be nurtured and grown.

You also understand that just because you are on chapter one of your business journey, you will not be there forever.


How to shift to a growth mindset in business

Here are two intentional ways to create a growth mindset as an entrepreneur:


1 Create new beliefs

The first thing you need to understand and accept is that your beliefs can change as you grow and change. Just because you have (or had) negative limiting beliefs does not mean it is a life sentence for you.

Our minds are more powerful than we imagine and every day we can train our brains to create new internal connections.

This amazing fact that we call neuroplasticity, should encourage you to start questioning those beliefs and shift the negative thoughts into positive, more uplifting ones.

You might believe that you are horrible at social media. Take that belief and tell yourself that though you might not be good at social media right now, with a little practice, and some elbow grease, you’ll eventually get it.


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2 Embrace constructive criticism

Having a growth mindset means that you become comfortable with consistent feedback. This is important because there is always some value in the feedback that others give us.

For example, in your business, there may be some functions or tasks, such as creating high-converting pins for Pinterest, that you are unfamiliar with.

This might be the 1st or 2nd time doing this so you haven’t quite gotten the hang of things.

Why not ask a fellow entrepreneur who has mastered this skill?

You’ll get incredible insights into the do’s and donts of Pinterest and she might even share some insider secrets.

The more often you ask for feedback, the more likely you are to enhance your skills and knowledge, proving to yourself that it is indeed possible to become a better entrepreneur than you were the day before.


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Why a growth mindset drives entrepreneurs towards success

1 You are better able to handle setbacks

As entrepreneurs, whether you are at a beginner or more advanced stage in your business, you will face setbacks. These setbacks can be big or small depending on their nature, but at some point, we all come face to face with them.

Studies have shown that women entrepreneurs tend to handle setbacks in their business with more difficulty as they are a lot more emotionally invested.

This can change by shifting to a growth mindset.

Women who have embraced a growth mindset think and act differently when facing a problem such as a loss in clients due to a mistake. They’re able to find the lesson hidden in the mess so they can move forward and grow.

With a growth mindset, you understand that one hundred mistakes aren’t failures they are just one hundred demonstrations of what not to do.

This is what enables you to bounce back stronger after each “defeat”.


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2 You’re able to set better goals

In setting goals for our business, the focus is often on what we can accomplish money-wise. Though that is an incredibly important part of a business, we sometimes forget to set learning goals for ourselves as well.

These are the types of goals that will really stretch us and teach us some valuable lessons that will not only make us better entrepreneurs, but they’ll also make us better people.

An example of an amazing goal (or a leaning goal) is one that takes your business to new heights and brings your clients along for the ride.

This kind of goal encourages us to seek out new, unfamiliar experiences and step outside our comfort zone.

Do you think that Melyssa Griffin or Carrie Green got to where they are right now without setting learning goals on top of their business goals? I didn’t think so either!


3 You never stress out about being the perfect entrepreneur

In the pregnancy stage of my coaching business, I was obsessed with perfection.

My website had to be perfect, Pinterest had to be outstanding and it all nearly drove me crazy. Really investing in developing a mindset of growth changed so many things about me and my business.

Adopting a growth (and a success) mindset helps us to realize that the idea of perfection is simply that- an idea.

Business and life are much more enjoyable when you embrace a path of lifelong learning. Embracing consistent progress takes the pressure off of you to only release new products/services when you believe you’re 100% ready.

You don’t spend the majority of your time thinking because the lesson, and the progress, lies in the doing. Do you know how many entrepreneurs never launch a business because they’re waiting for the perfect moment?

A mindset of growth and development prevents this situation from happening to you.


Your mindset is your biggest asset

Whether you think you can or you can’t, you are absolutely right!

Forget the degrees, your team or the funding you may or may not have, your mindset is your biggest asset. The perspective you take with you into your business will influence every single inch of it.

This is why it’s important to have the right one. Intentionally adopting a mindset of growth influences your creative thinking, empowers you to find the right solution and will put you lightyears ahead of the competition.


So, are you ready to take your business to a whole new level?


Ready To Increase Your Speaking Confidence?

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Learn the 5 strategies you need to build your speaking confidence, attract more clients and grow your business!

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how to shift your growth mindset and take your business to a whole new level of success
shift to a growth mindset to take your business to the next level
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