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Are you struggling to get other people to listen to you when you talk to them? Do you feel like as soon as you open your mouth people just stop listen or they tune out?
Frustrating isn’t it?
Wouldn’t it be amazing to have people hanging onto every word you say? Wouldn’t it be just wow to have people come up to you because they believe you have something important to say?
If you really want people to listen to you when you speak then you have to learn how to speak with more confidence and authority.
Talking to people and connecting with them through conversations, speaking events, presentations etc is incredibly powerful. It allows us to build lasting, mutually beneficial relationships. But how do you build a relationship when you’re afraid to open your mouth?
How can you speak with more confidence and authority when you’ve never done it before or when you’re afraid?
It took years of practice and consistent feedback to learn the communication skills I have today. With a few tweaks, you too can develop your speaking confidence.

How To Speak With More Confidence And Authority


1. Get Rid Of Filler Words

One of the worst habits I had when speaking was the need to use filler words. Filler words such as “Uh, um, ah, er” etc have become such regular parts of conversations that we don’t often know how to communicate with them.

This comes at a cost. When we constantly use these filler words we unknowingly appear to be less certain or less knowledgeable about a topic.

Imagine attending a business meeting where the CEO constantly used filler words. After a while, you would feel less confident in his/her ability to lead and direct the company.

So when you’re speaking, regardless of where you are, try to avoid using filler words completely. But, if you find yourself needing to use them because you’re feeling somewhat stuck, try using better words to fill the gap such as “Now” or “Well then”.

You could also pause while you gather your thoughts and this pause has actually been proven to be really effective when used by motivational speakers.


2. Be Present

When I first started speaking, I had a huge problem in being fully present because of my many insecurities. Due to this, I wasn’t fully able to show up in the ways that I truly wanted to.

The times I did show up, I always felt like less of an authority on a subject because “I wasn’t in the moment”. I just wasn’t focused on what I was saying.

Being focused and present is a big part of getting the people listening to you to know, like and trust you. Think about it, whether you’re doing a face to face or online presentation if the speaker isn’t really “there” with you, you’ll start losing interest in what they’re sating.

So take the time to practice being focused and mindful at all times. Whether that means standing in front of the mirror or talking to your friends, keep practising until you have it perfectly.

Wherever you are, make sure you’re all there.


3. Stop Making Your Statements Sound Like Questions

In all my years of studying English communication, I wish someone had sat me down and explained this. Having true confidence and authority when speaking has to do with being certain about what you’re saying.

This really boils down to sharing thoughts, beliefs and knowledge with absolute conviction. You have to really believe in the things you’re saying to me if you want me to believe what you’re saying.

When you’re speaking, instead of raising your tone at the end of a statement, keep everything smooth and balanced.

I’m almost sure you’ve met someone at some point, and this person, whenever they spoke to you, it felt like they were asking you a question instead of telling you something.

Did that person seem confident? Would you say that they’re an authority figure? Probably not. The good thing is with some intentional practice, you can quickly fix this issue and become a more confident speaker.

If you’re having trouble, watch a few videos, and mimic the tones of some of the world’s greatest speakers.


4 Don’t Overcomplicate Things

Speaking to other people can be a challenge especially if you’re a naturally shy or reserved person like myself. When you overcomplicate your speech or presentation, this only adds even more pressure which can eat away at your self-esteem.

Keep things simple.

Avoid using complicated words or industry jargon that your regular, everyday person won’t understand or relate to. Plus, the shorter your words and the simpler your language the less you’re likely to trip over your words, and the less the eyes of your audience might glaze over due to sheer boredom.

Impress your people. Connect with your people. Don’t confuse your people.


5. Speak Your Truth With Conviction

Now you might be thinking that for you to build a billion-dollar company or to become a mogul then you need to be the best speaker. You might even look at people like Lisa Nichols, Marie Forleo or Toni Robbins and go “Wow! They’re like the best speakers ever! They have the look, tone, talent..” or whatever else you might be thinking.

But you’re wrong!

The best speakers, the most authoritative, “make you wanna sit up in your seat” kind of speakers aren’t necessarily the most intellectual or poised speakers, they are the ones who speak their truths and speak it without apology.

I guess you could say they drop “truth bombs” every chance they get and stand behind them even when others disagree.

That is what turns an average Joe/Jane into a world-renowned speaker, author, blogger and coach. Speak the truth even if your voice shakes.


Build Your Confidence And Authority Everyday

Language and communication are such powerful tools once we take the time to master them. If you want to become a better speaker, presenter or leader then you have to make practising your confidence and authority an everyday thing.

Include these tips in your daily conversations. Become more intentional about the way you speak and carry yourself because when you feel confident in who you are and comfortable in what you do it’s infectious.

Self-confidence is your superpower and once you start wearing it, magic happens.

I really hope you loved this post and enjoyed these tips to help you speak with more confidence and authority! Show some love by commenting below to let me know which one is your FAVE!


How To Speak With More Confidence And Authority. how to speak so everyone wants to listen


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How To Speak With More Confidence And Authority
How To Speak With More Confidence And Authority, how to speak with confidence
How To Speak With More Confidence And Authority. how to speak so that other people want to listen
How To Speak With More Confidence And Authority and so people want to listen
How To Speak With More Confidence And Authority. how to speak so that people want to listen to you
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