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Having a powerful voice can take you to places way beyond your wildest imagination. Just look at James Earl Jones or Vincent Price. Their voices have brought them to the farthest corners of space, to incredible fantasy worlds and back. When you learn how to speak up and build your confidence, you increase your chances of crushing it as an entrepreneur.

We tend to stay silent because we are afraid of what might happen when we do speak up. But what can we do about this fear? How can we possibly learn to raise our voices so we can talk about our business in such a way that people want to work with us and buy what we have to sell? In this post, I’m going to show you five tips that have helped me to consistently show up, raise my voice and crush it in business.

How To Speak Up, Show More Confidence And Crush It As An Entrepreneur


Take Small Steps

As a child learning to run, you first had to crawl then walk before you could even think of running. When we want to say more and let our opinions be known, we often try to do so in big settings.

But in doing so we become more nervous and less likely to use our voices.

Instead of stepping out and speaking up in front of large groups of people, start small and take small steps then work your way up. A good first try could be sharing an idea about your product or business with a friend and then asking them for feedback.

You could practice doing this for several weeks. Once you become comfortable sharing your ideas and opinions one and one, you can then move on to smaller groups, and then groups of a larger size.

This is one of the methods I used to go from a super shy wallflower type person to someone comfortable giving speeches at Toastmaster. Take small steps every day and eventually, you will get there.


Do Your Homework

One of the reasons we tend to hold back and say nothing in front of other people is because we are unprepared. We don’t know what kind of responses we’ll get from the people listening, who we’ll be addressing or what we’re going to say to them.

How often do you go to a networking event at the last minute, not really understanding who will be there or what kind of event it’s actually going to be? Has there ever been a time when you go to a client meeting, or do Facebook live having little to zero clue what you’re going to say?

When we go into a meeting or do a Live without properly doing our homework, this increases our anxiety and lowers our self-confidence. Instead of paying attention to the event or the needs of the client, we spend our time trapped in our mind thinking about everything we’re not doing correctly.

If you want to be able to speak up and show more confidence in your business then you need to properly do your homework.

Doing the research or the homework it takes to be prepared ahead of time, makes speaking about what’s on our mind and sharing our thoughts and opinions that much easier.

Not only do you become known as somewhat of an expert (or the go-to person) in your field, you consistently build your speaking and presentation skills; increasing your confidence in the process.


Remember You Don’t Need To Be An Expert

I’m a big supporter of the “Speak Up, Speak More” movement because I genuinely believe that each and every one of has something valuable to say. In business, though, I didn’t always think like this.

In my mind, I used to believe that if I wasn’t a certified expert with several awards or accolades behind my name, then I wasn’t worthy of raising my voice or sharing my ideas with other people.

There are so many women (and men) that I’ve met along the way who believe this as well. But they’re wrong. I was wrong.

The people you want to serve with your products and services don’t need an expert. You wanna know what they need? They need someone who can solve the problems they have and answer the questions they want to ask.

Whether you believe it now or you have yet to believe it, your voice matters and you have those solutions and answers.

So ask yourself, why should people listen to you? People should listen to you because you have been exactly where they are right now (or worse), and you have grown, overcome many obstacles and learned valuable lessons along the way.

You’ve seen their struggles firsthand and are genuinely passionate about helping them. And no, you don’t need to be an expert with decades of experience. Don’t let lack of experience hold you back and raise your voice so others can hear what you have to say.


Raise Your Hand Immediately

When I was younger, I had a deep fear of people judging me for what I had to say. Because of this, I would second-guess myself often.

I would have a cool thought or an awesome idea but would wrestle with myself for what seemed like an eternity until eventually, I talked myself out of sharing the thought or opinion.

This habit of second-guessing myself and shutting up troubled me for decades until one day something happened in a department meeting.

My manager and supervisors were asking questions and without hesitating, I immediately raised my hand. Without a second thought, I was expressing my opinions and letting everyone else what had been on my mind for weeks. It was such a freeing experience that I didn’t want it to come to an end, lol.

Not giving myself time to panic or talk myself out of sharing what was on my mind, taught me how to speak up in front of my coworkers and show more confidence than I had ever shown before and it taught me such a huge lesson about our mind and the power it holds.

Last year, while doing some research for my blog, I came across a video by Mel Robbins and discovered that this was known as the 5-second rule. Basically, the 5-second rule states that it takes exactly 5 seconds for your brain to talk you out of doing something.

So the moment you have a desire to say something or speak up, you must physically act, you must open your mouth or raise your hand within 5 seconds or your brain will stop you.

Whether you’re in a meeting, about to call a client or send an email, the 5-second rule will help you to speak and the more often you do this, the less you struggle with doubting and second-guessing yourself.


Consistently Focus On Your “Why”

Many people hesitate to speak up and spread the word about their business because they don’t know why they should.

Why should they open themselves up to be judged and criticized by other people? And why shouldn’t the audience they want to serve simply come to them?

It is this lack of clarity that causes them to hesitate when given the opportunity to speak up at events or other such gatherings.

If you really want to make yourself talk, then you need to have a big enough reason to. You need to have a passion or driving force deep down that will cause you to consistently raise your hand, approach new clients and put yourself out there.

Why do you want to let people know about your business and what you’re creating? What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind after you’re gone?

Think about these questions, internalize the answers then go out there and open your mouth.


Speak Up, Speak More

No matter who you are in business, you need to learn how to raise your voice and let people know you exist.

You could have the best product or service in the world, but if no one ever hears about you then how will they ever get the solutions you provide for the problems they have?

As scary as it might be to believe, your single voice can change the world. Plus, the more you speak up, the more self-confident you become and the better chance you have of crushing it as an entrepreneur.

I hope you enjoyed reading and took away some valuable tips that will help you speak up and speak more confidently. Ready to speak with confidence and attract more clients to your business? Get the FREE guide!

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