Being wildly successful in business is largely influenced by our ability to set and achieve our goals. At the beginning of every year, we set income targets, client retention rates and even the number of emails we want to send. What we don’t think about is exactly how to achieve those goals, what roadblocks we might encounter and what other options are available especially when things get tough. In this post, learn how to achieve every single goal you set this year and take your business to the next level.

“Do something every day that leads you closer and closer to crushing your goals.”


Achieve Every Business Goal You Set This Year


How To Achieve Every Single Business Goal You Set This Year (5)


Why is setting goals important for successful entrepreneurs?

Setting a goal is a powerful step for any entrepreneur to take. As women, we tend to have fantastic ideas in our heads about the things we want to do with our business.

Though we have these grand visions, we often struggle to execute them. Goal setting ensures that you have a long-term vision for your business and helps you to properly organize your schedule and resources to ensure the vision is realized.

A business without a goal is like getting into a vehicle without a destination. You end up driving around all day, at times even in circles, wasting valuable time, resources and money.

By failing to set goals for your business you set yourself up to fail because you blindly go into the game.


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What are some important questions to ask when setting goals?

When it comes to setting goals for your business, it’s important to set the right ones. Here are 10 questions to ask yourself to ensure that you have a solid goal-setting foundation.

  1. Why do I want to set this goal for my business?
  2. Is this the right time to set this goal?
  3. What experiences do I have that can help me achieve this goal?
  4. What are the tangible benefits of achieving this goal?
  5. How will this goal impact the future of my business?
  6. What matters the most in my business ow?
  7. What challenges might I face in executing this goal?
  8. How can I overcome/lessen these challenges?
  9. What does the successful outcome of this goal look and feel like to me?
  10. Am I pushing myself outside of my comfort zone?


How to achieve every single business goal you set

1 Focus on one goal

One of the biggest reasons many of us fail to achieve our business/entrepreneurial goals is because we try to do too many things at once. We overwhelm ourselves before we even begin and end up quitting out of burnout or failing before we’ve even begun.

It is unwise to think that we can focus on several goals at once because our brains are not wired to be constantly stretched trying to do everything and anything.

When you focus on one goal at a time, it allows you to spend your time and resources focusing on the right task.


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2 Understand your true motivators

If you answered the ten questions as you were setting your goals you would already understand your big “why”. Behind every business and personal goal you set lies a deep, often meaningful reason for setting this goal.

The main reason I started my business, other than to help women transform their lives, was to be able to do something amazing for my parents. That reason stands behind every single goal I set as a female entrepreneur.

Without powerful motivation, you will have little to no desire to push through until you achieve your goals. When times are tough or the feeling to act just isn’t there, you will be more likely to quit.

Therefore having clearly defined reasons for accomplishing your business goals is so important. It also helps to write these reasons down and put them somewhere that’ll always remind you what you’re fighting for. blog posts opt in images for clarity and confidence workbook, goal worksheet, goal tracker and confident chic business checklist (1) (1)


3 Be extremely specific with your goals

One of the keys to setting and achieving all of your goals is to be specific. This is the “S” in SMART goals. In your business, setting a vague goal such as “increase profits” or “earn more clients” can seem like a great idea.

But when we set goals that are not specifically defined or easily measured, how do we go about accomplishing them?

How do we know when we’ve actually increased our business profits to a satisfactory level?

Changing these undefined goals to “increase net profits by 5% each month” gives you a better destination. This helps you to identify the specific, daily steps you’ll need to take to get you to that goal.

You understand how many new products to sell or the number of new clients you’ll need to acquire in order to make it happen. For maximum results, be sure to set a goal that is so specific that designing your game plan becomes a walk in the park.


4 Be flexible with your system

In setting business goals, we often get super attached to the process. We want to know exactly how we’ll go about accomplishing them, so who would blame you for wanting complete control in your own business.

The thing is sometimes things happen that are beyond our control. When these situations happen, we have to be willing to change and adapt to a new process.

Let’s say that you set a goal to increase net profits by 5% each month. What would you do if somehow you were to end up going to the hospital or faced a loss along your journey?

Would you be willing to look at other options or find a new way to see this goal through to fruition?


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5 Invest in improving your skillset

Achieving every goal you set has a lot to do with the skills you possess. If one of your goals is to publish ten Google page-1 articles, but you are a lousy writer, you’ll need to invest in improving your skills.

The more you invest in your personal and professional development the better able you’ll be to achieve these goals, even the hard ones.

I set a goal to increase my monthly subscribers by 200 engaged female entrepreneurs each month. To do so I needed to learn everything I could about copywriting, website optimization and creating killer graphics.

Learning these skills helped me to not only increase my subscriber count, but it also helped me increase my email open rates.


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Obey The golden rule of goal setting

On top of everything, I’ve said I’m going to add a rule. In order to successfully accomplish your business goals be sure that every goal you set fits each of the following criteria.

  1. Make them specific – ensure that your goals are as clear as day and well-defined. Increase profits by 5% versus increase profits.
  2. Make them measurable – ensure that you include percentages, dates and monetary amounts so you can measure your progress and identify when you’ve accomplished the goal.
  3. Make them attainable – though setting large, insurmountable goals might be thrilling, ensure that the goals you set are attainable. Do not set goals that are too big to be accomplished now. Start smaller, then work your way up.
  4. Make them relevant – each goal you set should be relevant to the overall goal/direction for your business. If your goal is to become the number one confidence and mindset coach for online female entrepreneurs, then set your goals and vision accordingly.
  5. Make them time-bound – every goal you set this year should have a deadline. Whether it be a year or 3 months from now, ensure that you have an end date.


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How To Achieve Every Single Business Goal You Set This Year (8)
How To Achieve Every Single Business Goal You Set This Year (7)
How To Achieve Every Single Business Goal You Set This Year (4)
How To Achieve Every Single Business Goal You Set This Year (2)
How To Achieve Every Single Business Goal You Set This Year (1)
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