Why You’re Constantly Busy… But Getting Nothing Done!

Why You’re Constantly Busy… But Getting Nothing Done!

Constantly busy but getting nothing done?? Hands up if this has happened to you a few more times than you’d like to admit. You’ve been busy at work all day, your muscles ache and your eyes are tired. When you go through your to-do list, however, you realize you didn’t really get anything done.

You’ve been so busy slaving away on your computer but have nothing to show for it. Why is that? What the heck happened today? I’ll tell you what happened. You spent your time doing a host of unnecessary stuff and spinning on that hamster wheel, and because of that you never actually got anywhere. Here are the five most common reasons why you’re constantly always busy but getting nothing done!

“Focus on being productive, not just busy.” Tim Ferris

Here’s Why You’re Always Busy BUT Getting Nothing Done!

I have to admit that until a few weeks ago, I never realized just how unproductive my days were. This hit me really hard, when, after an entire day of sitting in my home office, I realized that I had only gotten ONE thing on my to-do list done.

One thing! After that, I sought to identify the reasons so many of us fall into this trap and practical ways to help us get out.



Yes! So many of us don’t see it but we get so distracted when we sit down to work on something. That’s because our brains don’t like when we sit still for too long.

You’ve probably just opened this page to read my post.

Oh no! You realize you’re hungry so you get up to make a snack. As you sit back down, you realize you left the drink you wanted in the fridge.

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Once again you get up, and on the way back find a great comic with a hilarious photo of Archie and Jughead.

There you go! You’ve just wasted a number of precious minutes doing a host of things that could have all been done once you’d finished reading the article.

This happens to the best of us because we lack the discipline to ignore outside influences.



Create a distraction-free environment where you can focus on work minus outside stimuli. If you realize that you always get distracted by music, don’t bring headphones into your workspace.

Leave all unnecessary electronics out as well. By doing this you are training your mind to understand that when you enter this space it’s all about work.

This area is off-limits to goofing off.



Before I dig into this topic, I have to admit that I am the queen of “I need a break” City. Whenever I work on a single project for too long, I start getting sleepy and kinda want to give up.

Breaks are actually good for you because they help you to re-energize. A big reason why you’re always busy but get nothing done is because you take too many gosh darn breaks.

It’s like as soon as you’ve started typing away you feel the need to take a five-minute break. That five-minute break becomes ten and before you realize it an hour has passed.



The most productive, successful people in the world know how to schedule their breaks. 

They understand that over-working themselves only leads to resentment and demotivation but they don’t just take breaks willy-nilly.

To stop yourself from taking too many breaks, you should create a schedule.

Decide just how often your breaks will be. For me, I tend to work in 45-minute intervals and schedule 10-minute breaks in between.

That means I give myself approximately that amount of time to complete one task or one portion of the task, rest up (this is a great time to use the bathroom) then move on to the next portion.

This gives me a time limit and keeps me accountable to myself as well as getting things done while I’m in my zone.

You could also make use of productivity apps like Adana.


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This has got to be the biggest reason why you’re constantly busy but getting nothing done. For many of us, we’re attached to our phones at the hips and everything we do our cellphones must be present.

This carries over into our work life. We’re always busy scrolling through Instagram to catch up on the latest pics from our best friend in Bali.

So much of our time is spent watching videos on YouTube and Snap-chatting to show how busy we are that by the time we put our phones down, the day has ended and we’re still at square one.

Did you know that people spend an average of three to four hours a day going through Facebook and Twitter? That’s half of your work day!



You might have the best intentions when it comes to the internet and your phone but that’s not enough.

You need to practice self-control if you want to learn how to be more productive at work.

Practice sitting and standing for a few minutes at a time every day without moving. This teaches you self-discipline, and the more in control of your actions you are, the more you increase productivity.

You can find out more about exercises for your mind, body and soul here.


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There are only so many hours in a day and that means we need to make use of every minute because they all count.

It’s always easy for us to plan activities out and set down time limits etc but if you don’t actually follow the schedule you planned then what was the point?

In order for you to increase productivity and accomplish tasks, you need to learn how to manage your time.

You shouldn’t be spending 5 hours to do something when it could have taken you 2 hours or less.



A simple way to solve your time management problems is to use a daily planner (a great time management tool) and really make the most of it.

You can also make use of productivity apps like Wunderlist (which is one of the best business productivity apps I have come across).

Studies have shown, and I can vouch for this: when you have great time management skills you can do so much more with less effort.

No matter how horrible you are with your time and other people’s time, as soon as you learn to take control, you significantly improve your ability to focus on tasks and accomplish them.

If you want to learn more about time management hacks for busy adults, take a look at this amazing post that breaks it all down into simple, doable parts.

Plus a little bit of time management training goes a long way to getting things done.


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The number one rule of successful men and women is that if you want to be taken seriously you need to always show up and be consistent.

You can’t just do things when you feel like it and expect to be at the top of the productivity ladder. It doesn’t work that way. You need to be proactive.

When your values are forever changing and you don’t have any sort of routine in your life you are bound to fail.

The longer you stay in the inconsistency loop, the busier you become and the more unproductive your life becomes



Consistent actions, no matter how small, always lead to consistent results. You need to create a routine that works for you.

Start by creating a morning routine that screams success. A fantastic morning routine will set the tone for your day and as you follow your routine you’d be surprised how different your life becomes.

I know there might be days when you just don’t feel like doing anything (I have those too). In spite of how you feel, though, you need to still do things.

Don’t allow your feelings to dictate how and when you take action.

Remember that what you do every day is much more important than what you do once in a while.


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Once you’ve recognized why you’re constantly busy but get nothing done, you can start putting in the work required to increase your productivity and get results.

Productivity doesn’t just happen. It takes work.

It begins the moment you open your eyes. You more you prepare yourself to be productive, the greater chance of success you’ll have.

Once you have learned the art of preparation, discipline and pacing you’ll realize that even when you don’t feel busy you’re getting tons done!

If you found this list of the 5 reasons you’re constantly busy but get nothing done, then you will enjoy these tips to help you become more productive in one week.

Also, let me know. Are you forever busy but get nothing done?  Are you willing to do something about it?  I love reading your comments and hearing your thoughts so please comment down below. Also if you have any questions feel free to ask me them in the comment section below. Please also like and share this post and sign up so you never miss a thing!

Until next time.

Peace, love and prayers.

Here's Why You're Always Busy But Get Nothing Done, How To Be Productive Every Day, Here's Why You're Get Nothing Done, How To Increase Productivity, How To Stop Being Unproductive, Being Busy Is Not An Excuse, #productivity #timemanagement #advice #howto

Here's Why You're Always Busy But Get Nothing Done, How To Be Productive Every Day, Here's Why You're Get Nothing Done, How To Increase Productivity, How To Stop Being Unproductive, Being Busy Is Not An Excuse, #productivity #timemanagement #advice #howto #success #busy

How To Be Productive Every Day, Here's Why You're Always Busy But Get Nothing Done, How To Increase Productivity, How To Stop Being Unproductive, Being Busy Is Not An Excuse, #productivity #timemanagement #advice #howto
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  1. Gary R
    September 19, 2018 / 3:39 AM

    This entire article assumes the issue is always with yourself. It completely ignores the potential for outside influences.

    At my job, we’re so busy, we can’t get anything done. Not because of any of the reasons above. Because “other” people create interruptions and distractions that are beyond our control.

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