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Have you been unhappy with your life lately? Or feeling like you need (not want) to change your life? I know this can be frustrating and scary because making huge changes can be daunting and you might not even know where to begin.

I’ve found that developing good daily habits is the best way to change your life because small changes have an impact. In this blog post, I’ll be highlighting the 7 daily habits I believe will absolutely change your life forever.

I’ve seen them work miracles in my life and many other people’s lives as well and I know they’ll leave a significant mark on yours.

“If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters. Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude.” ―Colin Powell


7 Daily Habits You Must Try To Change Your Life


7 daily habits that will change your life (4)



I’ve spoken about the power of using your mind to transform your reality in a previous post, but I wanted to dive more into the power of visualizations.

As God’s beautiful creations, we are supernatural beings housed in a fleshly vessel. This means that there is so much more to us than we can possibly imagine.

Visualization exercises enable us to tap into the supernatural so that we can then manifest it in the physical. Not many people know this but everything is created twice, once in your mind and then in reality.

This is why I stress how important it is for us to be careful with the things we say and the beliefs we hold unto.

Every day I spend approximately 30 minutes visualizing myself, my future and everything I want to accomplish in life. It is such a powerful practice.


Our thoughts, our feelings, our ideas are powerful. If we dream or picture something, it makes it that much easier to become part of our reality. Click To Tweet


If you were to speak with most of the world’s most powerful people they’d tell you how often they spend visualizing a product, service and company before making it a reality.

When you adopt visualization exercises and meditation as a daily habit, it shifts the way you live your life. You no longer just exist. Every breath you take and everything you do is with intention.

Believing that you have already achieved a goal and created a successful product alters your mind in significant ways. It brings your closer and closer to creating that reality because your body will do everything it can to catch up to that vivid movie in your mind.

I’ve said it time and time again. Whenever I visualize something happening it’s like a lightbulb goes off in my mind and I find myself working more diligently to make that image come true.

Once the thoughts within your mind change, everything outside will change along with it.



If you want to change your life, the first thing you need to do is develop better habits. One of the best habits I have discovered is exercise.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been working a lot on perfecting my talk, creating and maintaining healthy habits and working on developing my memory.

My teacher, Jim Kwik, renowned memory expert has taught me that the number one way to improve the way you learn is to be active while learning. You need to exercise and you need to move your body.

Plus your body is a complex yet amazing machine. It enables us to move, read, swim and the list goes on. When we exercise we take care of this machine.


Exercise not only changes your body, it changes your mindset, your motivations and your mood. Click To Tweet


Think of that brand new Lexus you just bought, or that Bentley in your garage. Don’t you want to ensure the paint never chips and that both the interior and exterior look impeccable?

To do so, you must take care of it.

Exercise is the maintenance our bodies need to run smoothly. It helps to provide more energy while improves blood circulation and controls our weight which can transform our daily life.

Exercising even makes your brain produce serotonin which instantly improves your moods.

Our bodies were created by God as vessels to house us while we’re living on this earth. It is our jobs to keep these vessels spotless and in great working order for as long as we possibly can.

If you feel like you might not have enough time in your days, do what I do. Exercise in 5-minute intervals, and before you know it you’ll be done for the day.



One of the greatest daily habits I’ve picked up on my journey is journaling. I’ve spoken about it a number of times but cannot emphasise just how beneficial this practice is to your personal growth and development.

Journaling allows you to record your daily life. It gives you the chance to set intentions for what you will do each day and enables you to reflect on what has already happened.

Sometimes life can be overwhelming and processing our emotions can be extremely difficult. Things happen. People hurt us, and we aren’t able to fully express how we feel.

When you write your thoughts down in a journal, you’re free to express yourself without fear. It’s like your soul breathes a huge sigh of relief because it is no longer burdened by all the cares and worries you carry.


Writing is a journey from what you think you know to brand new realms within your mind, heart and soul. Click To Tweet


Many people will tell you that daily writing in their journals opened their eyes to their purpose in life. They suddenly understood, in a new way and with greater clarity, what they’ve been trying to understand all along.

I’ve also heard many complain that using journals is ineffective and a huge waste of time. To that, I say “you’ve just been doing it all wrong.”

Instead of leaving your journaling until the very last minute, do it first thing when you wake up. Don’t check your cell phone and email messages. Take your journal out and a pen, and direct your focus for the day.

Make note of all the things you’ve accomplished, would like to accomplish and how to bridge the gap between the two. You could create a “gratitude” journal, a “goal-setter” journal or even a “twenty years from now” journal.

You’re only as limited as your imagination.


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Five years ago, I found myself in an absolutely horrible place. I was divorced, severely depressed and feeling dejected by just about everyone around me. It’s like I had lost my will to live.

During that long, heavy period in my life, I decided that enough was enough. Now was the time to change my circumstances and rise up from the mud I had sunk into. I just didn’t know where to begin.

After giving my life to God at thirteen, I never really had any huge problems to deal with so I wasn’t sure how to handle this new situation.

That’s when I was reminded by a dear friend of mine that prayer changes everything.

Whether you’re a Christian or not, just fifteen minutes of prayer each day can and will absolutely change your life. This daily habit, I’ve found, has not only increased my faith and connection to God, it has made every problem so much easier to handle.

Whenever you’re faced with a difficult situation, or it feels like something huge is standing in your way, just whisper a word of prayer.

It doesn’t have to be complicated at all. Remember that prayer is a simple conversation between you and God, and you can speak to Him any place, anytime.


Prayer changes us and then we change things. Click To Tweet


Prayer is my chance to let God know what’s been on my heart or give Him the “down low” on any challenges I might be facing. It also gives me an opportunity to express my deep gratitude and thank Him for all that I’ve been blessed with.

You should try it too. Once you start praying you’ll see the following begin to manifest:

  • Direction for your life. It’s as if you have a built-in purpose driven GPS system,
  • Emotional and physical healing. Alot of the pain and aches you once felt slowly begin to fade away, and
  • Miracles in your professional, financial and personal life
  • And the list goes on.

As Mother Theresa once said, “I used to believe that prayer changes things, but now I know that prayer changes us and we change things.”



Reading is the one daily habit you must include in your life. The most successful, most well-known individuals read a book every day.

Some even finish entire books within a day. Every morning I listen to my ebooks on audible. I might not necessarily have the time to pick up a physical book, so I ensure that I get my listening “fix”.

When you read you shift the possibilities in your reality and open your mind to new perspectives and information you might never receive otherwise.

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to know everything there is about a particular subject? Or how others just can’t help but be successful in everything they put their hands to?

It’s because they have developed the healthy daily habit of reading a book, a magazine, the newspaper and anything else they can think of.


The more you read, the more things you'll learn. The more you learn, the more places you'll go. Click To Tweet


Want to change how you handle your finances? Pick up every single book you can find about money and read then apply everything you’ve learned.

Need to find some information for a school project you’re working on? The best information can still be found in your local library.

Reading will change your life. Trust me on that. I’ve spent large portions of my time not only listening to books but also reading my bible.

Not only has this practice made me a better person, it has enabled me to create a future that is beyond what I ever imagined possible.

After all, reading is for the mind in the same that exercise is for the body.



The thoughts and beliefs we have about ourselves directly affect our lives. They affect the way we do things, say things and how hard we work when doing and saying those things.

I’ve spoken to people about the power of positive thinking and positive belief many times and before I begin, many of them clock out mentally. To them, belief is all about unicorns, sunshine and rainbows, when in reality our beliefs are so much more than that.

Becoming a positive thinker will change your life because it changes how you live your life.

Look at how you live your life right now. When tragic or unplanned events happen, how do you react?  Do you dwell in a place of victimhood because you allow negative thoughts to take over your mind?

“How am I going to pay my rent?”


You cannot have a positive life with a negative mind. Click To Tweet


Or do you take charge because you know that this isn’t the end? You know that you can get back up after you’ve been knocked down because you believe it’s possible. Due to this belief in yourself, nothing keeps you down.

Your rent will get paid and your kids will never go hungry again. A positive mindset changes the way you view your reality.

Positive thinking, as a daily habit, also sets you ahead of the competition and ahead of everyone else for that matter. It allows you to see and recognize new opportunities way before anyone else even thinks of them.

While others doubt and wonder if the idea is going to work, you already know it will.

Because you’re not afraid of “failure” (and I do that with quotations because I don’t believe you truly fail until you stop trying), you move at lightning speed due to you not having to deal with the “ifs” and “buts” of limiting beliefs.

I stand strongly behind this belief-If you constantly doubt yourself, fear failure, criticise yourself and dwell in negative thinking there is absolutely no way you will create a better future for yourself.


daily habits that will change your life (1)



Self-affirmations are powerful. They work on our subconscious mind and help us to change from the inside out.

As I spoke about in-depth here, about two to three months ago I developed the daily habit of using self-affirmations and life has never been the same.

Affirmations not only change the way we see life, they completely rewire our brains by changing our beliefs. At our core, beliefs control our lives.

Though our minds are powerful instruments, we cannot rely on them alone to change our beliefs. We must use the power of the spoken tongue.


Be very careful how you talk to yourself because you are listening. Click To Tweet


A powerful self-affirmation, when spoken enough times and with intense emotion becomes a belief. These beliefs will then dictate how we approach each situation we face.

A month ago, I had an interview via Skype, and boy was I nervous. I had never done such an interview and the stakes were high (at least they were for me at the time, lol).

To get myself pumped up so that I could display my best self, I stood before a mirror and smiled. For 15 or so minutes, I gave myself the best pep talk I could muster at the time.

It went a little something like this:

“Come on Daeyna. You can do this. There is no better person in the world for this new position. You’ve got the charisma, the charm and the qualifications to make this happen. When God created you He gave you the perfect set of skills, gifts and talents to be successful and this is your chance to make it happen. I believe in you girl… plus you’re as adorable as ever. Who can say no to that chubby, little face?!”

Daily affirmations change our life.

They transform our reality.

Choose to believe in the power of positive self-talk. Believe in your skills and abilities, and most importantly, believe in the power that lies right there in your mouth.



Everything that you’re doing right now in your life can be improved. Our lives are simply a reflection of the habits and beliefs we have formed growing up.

Since habits and beliefs change, that means you can change your life by intentionally improving your habits.

Start small and work your way up to bigger changes. It takes at least 60 days to drop an old habit and develop a new one so cut yourself some slack.

When you become intentional about changing your life, even when you can’t see yourself making progress, I guarantee that you are.

It’s almost like going on a diet. Studies show that it takes about 4 weeks for your friends to start seeing changes in your physique and about 6 weeks for you to see changes in the mirror.

It’s all a matter of time and consistency.

If you want to improve your life, you must commit to changing your daily habits and creating a permanent lifestyle shift. Temporary fixes will not work.

If you enjoyed reading about how to change your life by developing healthy daily habits, you would enjoy reading more about how to practice self-love today.

Also, let me know. Which is your favourite daily habit? 

I love reading your comments and hearing your thoughts so please comment down below. Also if you have any questions feel free to ask me them in the comment section below. Please also like and share this post and sign up so you never miss a thing!


Until next time. Peace, love and prayers.

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daily habits that will change your life (6)
daily habits that will change your life (6)daily habits that will change your life (3)
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