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Daeyna Jackson About Me

Daeyna Jackson

Hi there!

When I was seven years old, one of my teachers told me I was just a timid, little mouse and I should know my place. 

A few years later, I was sexually abused by someone I was close to

These experiences stuck with me for decades. They affected all my decisions, influenced my need to win at any cost and kept me moving from job to job trying to find some form of happiness and joy. All because I never felt like I alone was good enough.

On a miserable, December night, as I sat in the alley way behind my house crying over my recent eviction, I decided enough was enough. My life couldn't possibly have been meant to turn out like this and I had to do something, anything to get out if this mess.

That’s when I packed up everything I had in two of the cheapest suitcases I could find and moved to Japan. I was beyond sick and tired of losing job after job and having no career or direction for my life. I wanted change and change I did.

I went from a lost, depressed, self-sabotaging little girl to the woman on a mission you see today because I worked on upgrading one major aspect of myself… my self-esteem and thus my confidence.

Confidence isn’t just a fluffy term that people toss around at random, it’s our genuine superpower.

Upgrading my confidence gave me the courage I needed to invest in my skills, go after the jobs and promotion I wanted, stop taking no for any sort of answer and push myself into the spotlight.

Is this you?

  • You're struggling with a loss of confidence in yourself,
  • You're constantly being overlooked for promotions at work because, to be honest, you really don't think you deserve them.
  • You've been fired from a job because your low self-esteem affected your ability to do a good job, or
  • You're unable to get a new job because you don't have the confidence to make it past the interview

If you can relate to even one thing I’ve just said then I am here to help you.

About Daeyna.com

Meet Sherry

-Sherry had a job that she was somewhat content with. But this job was driving her into the ground. Incredibly long hours, way too many clients and Sherry needed a change, quick! But there was one major roadblock. Sherry was terrified. Though her true passion was in sewing and design, she was afraid to put her finished work out there.

People would have too much to say and what if others hated what she had to offer? What if everyone hated her? After working with Sherry for three months I’m proud to say that we’re building her website and have set a launch date for February 2019! Her line of custom handbags, totes and clutches will now be available to the entire world! Her transformation still makes me grin like a kid at Toys R Us.

Let me help you gain the unshakable confidence you need to create a career, business and life you will never need a vacation from!

Step out of the shadows and into the spotlight like a MMA Fighter stepping into the ring; knowing he's ready for any one and any thing!

Let me help you:

  • Get noticed at work
  • Get more promotions
  • Build that successful business
  • Build a career that you're passionate about and love
  • Ace every job interview you go to
  • SKIP THE FLUFF. Achieve your goals so you can stop wasting your time and your life.

There’s been something holding you back in your life for way too long. Book a one on one session with me and learn how to get the confidence you need to create a life and future that makes you jump out of bed EVERY morning.

As a Certified Career Confidence And Mindset Coach, specializing in cognitive behavioral analysis, career confidence and goal setting to success, I aim to serve you.

My job is to help you get crystal clear on your career and business goals, explore what is keeping you stuck by uncovering the beliefs holding you back and help you draft a plan for success so you can move forward with clarity, confidence and commitment.

I’ve developed my program with you in mind. Through personal experience, studying like a mad woman, learning from the experts and trial and error, I’ve developed a simple formula and the tools you need. Plus each session can be catered just for you so you know I always have you in mind.

  • No more complex solutions.
  • No more self-sabotage.
  • No more doubting your worth and yourself.
  • It’s your time to shine!

Are you ready?

Request your one on one appointment with me by clicking the button below.