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Many entrepreneurs, whether they’re new to business or not, are actually afraid of talking about their business. I should know because I used to be one of them. Based on past experiences, I always felt that self-promotion meant being pushy and arrogant, and I just didn’t want to push people away.

But if you want to grow your audience and your business, then promoting yourself is all part of the journey. Whether you’re introverted or not, terrified or otherwise, these tips will help you to overcome your fear of self-promotion and start attracting the right people to you.

7 Tips To Get Over Your Fear Of Self-Promotion And Attract The Right People


Identify What You’re Afraid Of

The first thing we need to talk about before we get into any other tip to help you overcome your fear of promotion is your fear. What exactly are you afraid of when it comes to talking about yourself to other people?

Which particular situations/factors are triggering your anxiety and stress? Are you worried about what other people will think about you? Or are you more concerned with the possibility that they might not get your business idea? Could it possibly be that you are afraid of failing or being rejected for having “a stupid or unusual business idea”?

Let’s say for the sake of argument that you are afraid of being caught like a deer in headlights and messing up in front of people. A great way to slowly but surely move past this particular fear is to practice speaking to small groups of people (or even talking to yourself in the mirror) until you become comfortable having conversations.

Take some time to figure out the core of what you are afraid of because even though the fear of self-promotion can be an overarching fear, there tends to be an even deeper fear hidden behind it.

If you want to get past this fear, you must be able to ask yourself “Why does self-promotion scare me so much?”  and keep digging until you find the answer.


Focus On The People You Want To Serve

As an entrepreneur, you will come across many different kinds of people. They will range from cheerleaders who love and support you to trolls. These are the persons behind keyboards whose only goal is to put you down.

Somewhere in the middle are the people you want to serve and help with your business.

When you are afraid of promoting yourself or your business, focus on these people as they are your clients. Your clients are the people who care about what you have to say and want the solutions you have to offer.

Not everyone you meet will like you and not everyone will matter in the end.

Focusing on the people you serve keeps you productive and focused on the right things. Plus the feedback you received from these clients will help you to learn and grow as your business does.


Focus On Providing Genuine Value For Customers

When you are afraid of self-promotion this tends to stem from you feeling like you are throwing yourself at people or annoying them. I’m sure you’ve had such experiences yourself that rubbed you the wrong way

When you focus on providing genuine value to your audience you no longer feel pushy because you are serving them in a real way.

Solving the problems your audience has helps you to not only feel good but builds confidence in your abilities. You start to realize that you have genuine solutions to offer and that you make a profound difference in your clients’ lives.


Use the 80/20 Rule When Promoting Yourself On Social Media

I’ve come across many social media accounts/pages and realized something. There is a certain kind of balance when it comes to promotion and it’s called the 80/20 rule.

Don’t overdo it when selling your products/services.

Spend 80% of the time giving value, addressing the needs of your audience and trying to be helpful. Then use 20% of your posts/emails etc to promote your offers, launches etc.

When you take this approach it becomes easier to sell to your audience because you understand that you aren’t bombarding them.


Get Really Clear On What You Want To Offer

Many times we become confused or scared of self-promotion because we don’t know what to do. We have little idea what we’re selling or who we are serving.

(I have so many stories about being confused and scared, and how this was a massive barrier for me.)

Take time to gain clarity on your offer. Try your best to understand the problem your audience has and what you’re passionate about. Then think about how you can combine the two.

Once I became super clear about who I serve and what problem I solve for them, it became much easier to talk about myself and my business.

Get clear on what you want to offer and it will make promoting your business to your ideal client ten times easier.


Connect With Others Through Teaching And Telling Your Stories

A few months ago, I spoke about the fact that people want to connect with other people. Gone are the days when consumers (the people who buy what you have to sell) just want to be sold to.

Nope. We all want connection and quality relationships.

Instead of thinking of self-promotion as selling to your audience, think of it as connecting with them. Teach your audience about a topic you’re passionate about and form a bond with them using stories from your own life.

Just be yourself and speak to your audience as you would a friend. This will take the pressure off while helping you become more and more comfortable talking about yourself.


Practice Your Pitch And Believe In Yourself

Whenever I speak to other people about myself or my business, I tend to practice what I want to say. Practising a line or two and getting myself excited about the encounter always makes it much easier to conduct a great conversation.

When you prepare yourself before you actually promote yourself, it really helps you to build your confidence.

Spend time talking to your friends, family and anyone else who will listen to what you have to say. Ask them for feedback on what you’ve just presented.

Have them role-play and ask you questions as if they were your clients. Consistently doing this builds courage and you begin to believe in yourself more and more.

Believing in yourself and your business will help you to move past your fear of promoting. You’ll realize that you are unique, valuable and are most definitely worth talking to other people about.


Your Fear Of Self-Promotion Is Holding You Back

Imagine if you could log into your social media accounts or open your email to see tons of emails and comments from people loving/wanting to work with you.

Wouldn’t that be great? Of course, it would if you could confidently and fearlessly promote yourself.

Fear of self-promotion is a stumbling block that stands between where your business is now and where it could be. Next time you shy away from promoting yourself remember what you’re working towards and use the tips I suggested above.

You have big goals and a big mission and the best thing you can do is spread the word to the people who need you. Plus, if you want to overcome your self-promotion fears, don’t just sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.

I hope you enjoyed reading and took away some valuable tips. These tips will help you to overcome your fear of self-promotion and attract the right people.

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