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Do you have a really hard time believing that you can actually be successful in business? Is it hard for you to even tell people about the dreams and goals you have for your business?

As women in business, limiting beliefs and negative self-talk can be incredible challenges to overcome. Though we have come a long way, these limiting/negative thoughts can wage war in our minds and cause us to lose sight of what it is that we really want to accomplish.

Some of these thoughts might be that the world of entrepreneurship is not cut out for women or that you have to change everything about yourself in order to succeed.

Regardless of your limiting beliefs, there are ways to overcome them. In this post, learn the 5 effective ways to master your mindset and overcome limiting beliefs.

“You are far too smart to be the only thing standing in your way.” Emma Kate Dawson


Master Your Mindset And Overcome Limiting Beliefs


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What are limiting beliefs?

A limiting belief is, in the simplest sense, any belief or thought you have that holds you back. They hold us back from making important decisions and taking the necessary actions to grow our online business.

As a woman entrepreneur, an example of a limiting belief could be this:

  • “I’ll have to sacrifice my personal relationships for my business.”
  • “No one will want what I have to offer.”
  • “My business isn’t anything special so why don’t I just give up right now?”

Though this belief appears to be based on the truth, these are in no way guaranteed outcome. When we embrace beliefs such as this, we truly limit the amazing things we are capable of achieving in the entrepreneurial world.


How do I find my limiting beliefs?

Before we can even think about overcoming the limiting beliefs we struggle with, we first need to understand what they are.

If you are unsure of exactly what your underlying beliefs are, here are a few steps you can take.

1 Think about a goal you have for your business. Choose one very specific, micro goal. This goal could be “to call two new clients this week” or “to send two emails seeking potential partnerships”. It doesn’t have to be complicated but it has to be a clear goal.

2 Take action towards accomplishing that goal. Move forward by making those calls or sending those emails. If you have successfully achieved your goal in this area then that’s awesome.

However, if you find yourself becoming stuck, making up excuses or being unable to do anything, then you’ve discovered the obstacle you have created for yourself in this area.

3 Once you have uncovered the obstacle, it is time to identify the limiting beliefs that are hiding behind this obstacle. Sit down and think about it then ask yourself “Why?”. Why were you unable to send those emails? What are the thoughts and feelings you’re experiencing that are standing in your way?

Keep asking yourself these questions until you have gotten to the core of the issue. Once you’ve uncovered the “why” then you can move forward with confronting these negative, limiting beliefs head-on.


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1 Focus on your “why”

As a woman entrepreneur, we all have goals in our business that we want to achieve. We want to hit those 10K income goals, have a continuous stream of clients and live like we believe a CEO should.

Sometimes, when we set these goals, we can feel overwhelmed because we want to know “how” immediately.

How will we get to these income targets and how will we attract clients?

If we aren’t careful, these fears become daunting limiting beliefs that cause us to shrink away from our business goals because we begin to believe they are impossible.

We can’t see how we’ll actually make it happen. Instead of spending all your time focusing on the “how” think about your “why”.

Why do you really want this and why are you determined to make it happen?

When we focus on our “why” it helps keep us motivated so that we can continuously push through the physical and mental blocks standing in our way.

How you get to your goal, and what that goal ends up becoming (because as we grow goals change), are completely flexible. But as long as you keep your why in the forefront of your mind, you will get there.


2 Embrace exactly who you are

I have to admit that the day I thought about starting my own business, an immediate fear crept into my mind. What if I wasn’t feminine enough, masculine enough or smart enough to run a successful, thriving business?

Was there a possibility that I would have to sacrifice parts of who I was and where I came from so that people would like me?

In my practice, I’ve come across countless women entrepreneurs who believe that they have to project a specific image in order to be accepted. They feel the need to lie about their past so that no-one will know their sad or embarrassing backstory.

When you embrace exactly who you are it empowers you.

You’re able to push past the negative beliefs that tell you who you should and shouldn’t be so you can run a successful business on your own terms.

Everything you’ve gone through learned and stumbled through has helped shape you into an amazing entrepreneur. If that isn’t something to be proud of then I don’t know what is.


3 Jump before you’re ready

Starting and running your own business can be a thrilling but terrifying experience.

What if you don’t succeed and what if you don’t have the right connections?

Everything needs to be perfect.

Here’s the thing about these beliefs- you will never be as ready or prepared as you think you need to be in order to run your business. You will never have all the knowledge or experience to make things perfect and that’s a good thing.

When you jump before you’re ready, you trample all over the limiting belief that to be successful in business things need to be perfect. Making things happen becomes a normal part of your entrepreneurial journey because you learn as you grow and grow as you go.

As long as you are determined to succeed, then not knowing everything just doesn’t seem as scary anymore.


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4 Stop underestimating what you are capable of

Many women in business struggle with the negative belief that they aren’t worthy of success. Being successful is a gift only bestowed upon a select few, so why even bother trying?

As an entrepreneur, I struggled with his limiting belief myself.

Who was I to think I had what it takes to help others? And why was I silly enough to believe they even cared?

Here’s the funny thing, you do matter. The gifts and services you have to offer to the world matters. Stop underestimating what you’re capable of doing and capable of achieving.

Don’t overestimate the things you’re unable to do, because, trust that they are few and far in-between. The sooner we realize and start acting on the power inside this we enable ourselves to accomplish incredible feats.


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5 Act as if you have already succeeded

Have you thought about or imagined yourself winning the lottery? Take a minute and close your eyes.

Imagine yourself winning a million dollars, being handed the cheque, your family and friends are around and everything is perfect.

Feel all of the emotions, see the vivid colours and the smiling faces. You are now a millionaire. Hold onto that feeling for a few minutes and really soak it all in. How did you feel?

If you did the exercise I can imagine that you are feeling pretty good right about now.

When someone gets a call that they’ve won the lottery, nothing has changed about their situation… yet. They feel all the joy and will probably leap off the walls in excitement even though they haven’t received the cheque.

This is exactly how I approach my business. I act as though I am already a successful speaker, mentor, author and a leading female entrepreneur because I know that one day, all this and more will be my reality.

Think about it.

Picturing yourself as a wildly successful entrepreneur, what does she look like? How does she act and carry herself?

Overcoming a limiting belief can often mean acting as if you’ve already overcome it. Do you believe you’ll never be successful? Put yourself in the shoes and the mindset of a Fortune 500 CEO.

What is she wearing? Are you making decisions the way she does?

If you practice doing this on a daily basis you’ll start to experience the positive effects this habit will have on you and your business.


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Beliefs can change

Though you might be struggling with a limiting belief or two right now, that doesn’t have to be permanent. I’m here to tell you that, as a coach and fellow female entrepreneur, beliefs can change.

We have the amazing ability to reframe our thoughts each day as long as we take action.

Think about which beliefs have had the greatest negative impact on your business and set an intention to fix them.

Sometimes all it takes to change a belief is to realize that they are in fact not serving you.


What limiting beliefs do you have you about your business?


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How To Overcome Limiting Beliefs As Female Entrepreneurs (5)

How To Overcome Limiting Beliefs As Female Entrepreneurs (4)
How To Overcome Limiting Beliefs As Female Entrepreneurs (3)
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