Welcome to the 5-day confidence challenge! This challenge will give you one simple, strategic action to take each day to help you overcome so many of the fears holding you back in your business. You’ll also learn what to do to ignite the confidence hidden inside you so you can move your business forward much more QUICKLY.

If you have no confidence in yourself then you are twice defeated in the race of life- Marcus Garvey


5 Day Confidence Challenge

Can you imagine an extra $2K, $3K per month?

(That’s approximately $36K extra your business could be making per year)!

Are you tired of feeling insecure and struggling with negative thoughts while other entrepreneurs are making $5K or $10K per month?

What would you do if you could gain the confidence you need to start attracting more clients and KILL it this year in your business?

Crush your fears, build confidence and get more eyeballs on your business by joining the 100% FREE five-day confidence challenge.


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In this awesome live challenge you will learn:

1 How to improve your self-awareness and control your response to fear (March 20th)

2 A scientifically proven method for handling fear (March 21st)

3 How to build better beliefs and rewrite self-limiting beliefs (March 22nd)

4 How to ditch your comfort zone and become more visible (March 23rd)

5 To take massive action and achieve your business goals (March 24th)

Each step build on the previous one so you need to be taking consistent action to get the best results.


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Why you need confidence in business

Self-confidence is a business strategy. Every entrepreneur in the online world will attest to the fact that having confidence in themselves completely changed the game for them.

What holds so many entrepreneurs, especially female entrepreneurs, from launching/ scaling their business is fear. There’s fear that they aren’t good enough, fear that they don’t know enough and fear that no-one will like them.

A male entrepreneur will walk into a business with 30% knowledge and 100% confidence. A woman will walk into one with 100% knowledge and 30% confidence. This is what there is a big disparity between the number of successful women in business and successful men in business.

Chances are you know everything you need to build a profitable business right now. You just don’t know that you know it and that’s the problem.

A big part of how I work with my clients is helping them to realize just how important their beliefs are. After all, their beliefs directly impact every area of their business.


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Confidence is an enabler.

It enables you to make the right business decisions, achieve your business goals, make the right connections and attract those high-paying clients you want to have.

Join this FREE 5-day challenge which starts March 20th at 8PM EST. Take the action you need to overcome your fears and doubts, rewrite your self-limiting beliefs and develop the confidence of a CEO and a leader.

Get the support you need in the “Unbreakable Confidence And Business Success Group“. Ask your questions, be vulnerable, access the live trainings and fulfil your wildest dreams.

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daeyna.com 5 Day Confidence Challenge- How To Crush Your Fears And Ignite your Business Confidence Now Opt in

If not now, then when?



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