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Hi guys! Today I am excited to have my first guest post from my wonderful, fellow blogger Sheila over at Practigal Blog. Today she will be sharing with us her story of how she started believing in herself. She’ll also be offering us her advice on simple yet effective ways to build your confidence. I hope her words touch you as they have touched me too!

“The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence.” Blake Lively

3 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Build Your Confidence

All of us need to build our confidence from time to time. It is so easy to feel insecure and to let the insecurity hold us back in life.

Often times, we don’t even realize how much we are holding ourselves back! We make excuses, we don’t feel good enough, or maybe we don’t believe that what we want out of life is even possible.

I want to give you 3 simple yet effective ways to begin to build your confidence again…confidence in yourself and in life.

About 11 years ago, I was at an all-time low—let’s just say I had seriously given into negativity. It started as guilt over what I thought were huge mistakes. I felt like a complete failure. This guilt turned into insecurity, and I really began to isolate myself.

It took me years to get over my failures, and when I did, it took me a few more to begin feeling confident. I’ve learned some valuable lessons along the way, and I can’t wait to share them with you. 😊 You can read more about my story here.



Your insecurities might stem from something different than they did for me, but regardless, we all have them. We may be insecure about our abilities, our bodies, or our personality. There are, unfortunately, an infinite number of things to feel insecure about, but that doesn’t mean it’s inevitable.

Even more, feeling insecure doesn’t have to be your normal.

Feeling insecure used to be my normal. I almost always felt insecure in some way. There was always something to be embarrassed about, secretive about, or doubtful about.

The fact is, nothing you do can change that.

Every single person has things to be insecure about, no matter how confident they may seem. Click To Tweet

The difference is in whether or not we give in to our insecurities. We can choose to focus on the negative, or not. We can choose to get stuck in our thoughts, or not. And we can choose to believe the lie that we aren’t good enough, or not.

You and I are good enough. Not perfect, but good enough. You are good enough to live the life you want. You are good enough to make a change. And, you are good enough to be the type of person who lives with confidence.

Beginning to build your confidence is actually the first and most important step towards becoming the best version of yourself.


3 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Build Your Confidence


Building your confidence takes time, but not as much time as you might think. The way to build your confidence as fast as possible is to make sure you are taking simple steps, no matter how small, towards confidence every single day.

Some of these baby steps will take a little bit of courage. And although courage sounds a lot like confidence, which we don’t have yet, they are actually very different.

You can have courage without confidence. For example, I can have the courage to try something new, even if I’m not confident that the outcome will be desirable.

Courage is “the ability to do something that frightens one.” Confidence, however, is “the state of feeling certain about the truth of something” or having “firm trust”. So, courage almost assumes a lack of confidence.

You can be courageous, and you actually need to be courageous, if you want to become more confident. It takes courage to take that first step. And it takes courage to make a change.

Over time, you will need less and less courage, because you will be gaining more and more confidence. Seeing your small wins every day will naturally grow your confidence and help you to keep going.


So what are these small steps you should be taking daily to build your confidence? There are many things you can do, but I’ve learned that some things work better than others.

The process of making any change in your life always has to begin with a mindset shift if you want it to work.

The simple ways I show you to build your confidence can help you because they begin with a mindset shift. So as long as you focus on changing your mindset in the way I describe, the rest will more easily follow.

Through my experiences, I found that the key to building your confidence is to embrace, share, and build on your strengths.


  1. Embrace Your Strengths

The first and most important mindset shift is to begin to embrace your strengths. Before you can even learn to embrace your strengths, however, you need to know what they are. If you are like I was, you may have a really hard time figuring out your strengths.

I have struggled with knowing what my strengths are at times. Other times, I’ve known what my strengths are but didn’t believe they were as valuable as the strengths I saw in others. Both situations steal our confidence.

So, how do you figure out what your strengths are? You often need to reflect on the past in order to determine your strengths. Think about past words of encouragement, what you love to do, and what makes you unique, and write down any of the strengths, gifts, or abilities that come to mind.

If you are still stuck, ask someone who knows you well to you to help you out. Try asking them to describe you when you are at your best. Use this person’s description to write down some of your strengths.

I’m sure you have a great list of strengths to go off of now! Read over your list of strengths every day and really let them sink in.

Remind yourself daily that all of those strengths are true of you. Although there are also negative things true of you, remind yourself that you can become more of these good things and less of the bad things over time.

Over time, you will be able to embrace your strengths and truly believe that they are highly desirable, valuable, and sought-after strengths.

This takes pushing out the negative thoughts when they come and replacing them with the truth about you.

We have to renew our minds to the truth. Click To Tweet



  1. Share Your Strengths

Now that you have embraced your strengths, you are ready to start sharing them! Sharing your strengths means that you begin to intentionally use your strengths.

At this point, you have already set the groundwork for you to build your confidence. Now, you put the small amount of confidence you have to work so that you can gain even more confidence to make the changes you want in your life.

Let’s say that your dancing ability is one of your strengths. Now that you have embraced dancing as a valuable strength, you need to use it.

You need to bless yourself and others with your gift. You need to dance for yourself if it brings you joy, but you also need to share your gift with others so that it can bring others joy as well.

Or maybe critical thinking is one of your strengths. You have embraced critical thinking as a valuable strength, so you begin to look for opportunities to use it.

You can begin to bless others with this strength in your work or personal life. And, you gain confidence in your ability to make decisions every time you use your critical thinking skills.

One of my strengths is empathy. I now call it my superpower, but at one point I saw it as a negative. A weakness even. Instead of calling myself empathetic, I called myself weak, sensitive, and emotional.

Once I was able to see my strength for what it was, I was able to embrace it and start using it to bless others. I started making deeper connections with people and was able to be there for people in a way that was unique to me.

You see, when you use your strengths, you gain even more confidence in them, and therefore, in yourself. You slowly build your confidence over time when you consistently put your strengths into practice and share them with others.


  1. Build On Your Strengths

Building your strengths happens naturally as you use them, but you can also intentionally build on your strengths. You can intentionally build on your strengths by creating opportunities to use them, rather than simply waiting for these opportunities to come your way.

For instance, you can sign yourself up for a class to learn how to grow a particular strength even more. You can volunteer in a new position that will stretch you and help you grow. The possibilities are endless!

The point is, don’t just embrace your strengths and leave it at that. Grow your strengths to be even greater strengths. Make them your superpower. 😉

When you build on the strengths you already have, you build your confidence. You will be confident in your abilities, confident in your personality, and confident in yourself.

This method of building confidence worked wonders for me and still is. My wish for you is that you will be able to live the life you have always wanted by focusing on your strengths, on what you can do instead of what you think you can’t.

And I hope you can see the immense value of your strengths. I even pray that you can see how much the world needs you.

You can become a more confident person by knowing and embracing your strengths, sharing your strengths with others, and growing your strengths over time. I promise!

With love and encouragement,

Sheila Price

About The Author: 

Practigal Blog- Sheila Price

Sheila Price is a wife, mom of three, minimalist, and introvert. Sheila writes over on Practigal Blog about simplifying every area of life so that you can prioritize what matters most to you. She always gives practical tips to make your life both easier and more fulfilling. Make sure to connect with Sheila on Instagram or Facebook!

I hope you enjoyed this amazing piece written by the one and only Sheila Price. Be sure to check out her blog as well. If you liked this post, be sure to share it with your friends and comment your thoughts. I love reading your comments.

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Until next time. Peace, love and prayers.


How To Be More Confident


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